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2.1 Mods
2.2 Enb Series
2.3 Config
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17/10/2014 updated 1.1.4
02/09/2014 added more mods to 2.1
25/06/2014 added more screenshots to 3.2
17/05/2014 added the spoiler add-on and made some changes
17/04/2014 added more mods to 2.1
12/04/2014 added more screenshots to 3.2
27/03/2014 added info, look at the top
19/02/2014 created a Facebook page : LINK
15/02/2014 added 1.1.28 & 1.1.29
13/02/2014 updated 1.1.27
05/02/2014 updated 1.1.24
04/02/2014 updated info from 2.1 (before the modlist)
29/01/2014 added 1.1.27
29/01/2014 removed Clicksor ads =)
28/01/2014 added more screenshots to 3.2
19/01/2014 added more mods to 2.1
12/03/2014 updated 1.1.9


DH ENB Preset (source)


This isn't my ENB preset and i don't recommend it.

1.1 FAQ

1.1.1 Where can i download this mod?
This isn't a mod, i'm just mixing some mods for the screenshots.

1.1.2 What mods did you use?
Check 2.1

1.1.3 Where did you get the mods?
Dragon Porn

1.1.4 Which are your PC specs?
2500K @ 5Ghz + GTX 970 @ 1500/7600
Check 1.1.16

1.1.5 Which mods do you recommend?
Start with these guides :

And check 2.1

1.1.6 Which grass mod are you using?
A custom grass mod i'm doing and is a WIP mod so there's no download link and i don't know when will be available. Please don't ask when i will finish it. There are some similar mods on Nexus, check them...

1.1.7 Which ENB series preset do you use?
A custom ENB preset, sometimes i tweak it for almost every single screenshot.

1.1.8 Where can i download your ini?
Check 2.3

1.1.9 What's the framerate with all this mods?
Around 40-50fps average at 1080p. I don't care about the performance when i'm not playing.

1.1.10 How many mods do you have installed?
I have more than 1000 mods but i only use about 50-100.
But for some screenshots im almost using a vanilla Skyrim (just 10 mods or less) so everything is done by the ENB preset.

1.1.11 Which mods did you use in X screenshot?
Don't ask all the mods i used/mixed for each screenshot.

1.1.12 When will the ENB preset be available?
I don't know and don't ask, im only doing it for myself so i'm in no hurry.
Keep in mind i often tweak the ENB for each screenshot, this means if ever release a finished preset you won't see the game like my screenshots.

1.1.13 Why the screenshots have better quality than the videos?
Because im not using the same mods/config for screenshots and videos

1.1.14 Wow, 100 mods at once?
Why not ? for textures you can use 20-30 mods easily...

1.1.15 Do you like all of the screenshots you take?
No really, but i share almost all i take except test-screenshots i use for comparing mods/settings.

1.1.16 How is you computer?
Check it here:

Recent images:

1.1.17 I can't get the same aspect as your screenshots/videos, why?
Because you need ALL the mods i used for each screenshot, the same ENB preset and the same weather/ time of day.

1.1.18 ENB status?
5% or less, i don't know... please don't ask, if you need an ENB there are tons of them to try.

1.1.19 Will you upload the game with the mods or just all the mods you have?
No! Just read 1.1.5 and make you own mix of mods.

1.1.20 How did you make the grass?
I increased the density through CK (Creation Kit, the game's editor) and i'm filling all the holes without grass through the editor too. I'm also using custom texture and mesh, but i will change them for the final version.

1.1.21 You're getting low fps with that grass, do you need more VRAM?

Before: LINK

After: AFTER 

*The screenshots shows Skyrim without ANY mods, just Ultra without antialiasing.

1.1.22 Did you upload your modded game somewhere? I saw some Skyrim torrent downloads using your screenshots o linking this blog like here: LINK
No, that's a FAKE! I didn't upload anything and with that kind of modded Skyrim you won't get the same as my screenshots, nonsense.

1.1.23 I have a question or advice, how can i contact you?
Send me a private message here: LINK or check 3.3 but don't use it to ask me something i answered here.

1.1.24 Why did you added the ads?
Because it could help me to upgrade the GPU.
I would like to record high quality videos for the Youtube Channel but sometimes the 670 isn't enough to show all i wanted...
I'm using Adsense and it pays too low for the visits, so i only receiving something with the clicks on ads...

1.1.25 Will you make any guide for mods installation? 
MAYBE but not yet, keep in mind it's a lot of work...

1.1.26 How it will be "this" run on my computer?
What's "this"? just depends on everything, which mods do you install, ini & ENB settings...
And i don't own your computer, only mine so i don't know what performance will you get with your hardware.

1.1.27 Which ENB Series Preset should i use?
Everybody has it's own taste so try some ENB presets before choosing the right one for you or your hardware.
You can find some ENB presets here :
ENB Series forum
Nexus Skyrim ENB section
*You can also find lots of presets by searching by "ENB" on Nexus Skyrim.

-Check the screenshots and read the description.
-Download the preset and read the readme for detailed info.

There are some ENB Presets i don't like :
Real Vision
Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics ENB

1.1.28 Could you upload you modded Skyrim?
If you are asking about the modded game i used for any screenshot you liked, keep in mind everything is done for that screenshot, i don't keep every modded Skyrim i used for each screenshot.
And i won't upload anything, make your own mix of mods.

1.1.29 Which mods did you used for this screenshot?
Don't ask every mod i used for every screenshot, most of them can be found at 2.1 section.

I have more than 1000 mods and i mix some of them for the screenshots so this is just an example of which mods i tested and i recommend.

Read carefully :

-I don't have any fixed mod list.
-I'm not only using these mods, the list could be huge if i add all of them.
-This list contains some of the mods i used for the screenshots/videos.
-This list isn't completed.
-Don't install all the mods, just try them and make your own mix.
-I won't reupload the mods if they're deleted from Nexus.
-Read their description.
-Don't ask which mods i used for each screenshot.
-These are some of the most recommended and used mods.

And come back for updates...

NEW ! = Newest Update
NEW ! = Previous Update


A Better body scale for Khajit and Argonian Male (khajiit & argonian body) 
ApachiiSkyHair (hair)
Beards (beards)
Better makeup for SKSE (makeup)
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles (males)
Better Females (face skin)
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition [CBBE] (body)
CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible (body/face skin)
Coverkajits (khajiits skin)
Coverwomen (face skin)
Cute Eyes (eyes)
Demonica (body/face skins & meshes) NEW!
Dimonized UNP Female Body [UNP] (body)
Enhanced Character Edit (character edit)
Envision Face (face skin)
Ethereal Elven Overhaul (Elves)
Extended Slider Colors (+colors)
Fair Skin Complexion (skin) NEW!
Fgems Female Orc textures (female orc textures) 
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi (male textures) NEW!
Hair Packs of Fallout 3 (hair)
Hair Packs of TES IV Oblivion (hair)
High Res Tints for Beasts (beasts tints) NEW!
JazzJR Argonian retexture (argonian skin) 
JazzJR CoverKhajiits Bodytexture Ver1 (male khajiit skin) 
JazzJR CoverKhajiits Female Bodytexture (female khajiit skin) 
Lady Boy (body/face mesh/skin) 
Lively Lovely Screenie - Facial Expression With Lip Sync (facial expression) 
Mature skin texture and body (body/face skin)
Morten Hairs (hair)
Natural Eyes (eyes)
Pretty Face (face skin)
RaceMenu (racemenu)
Ran's Headmesh Variants (face mesh)
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP UNPB and SeveNBase (face & body skin) 
Realistic Teeth (teeth)
SG Female Eyebrows (brows)
SG Female Textures Renewal (body/face skin)
SG Hair Pack 268 Edition (hair) 
Smile in HD (teeth)
Sporty Sexy Sweat - wet body skin texture (skin)
The Eyes of Beauty (eyes)
Vampire Skin For- CBBE CHSBHC UNP SeveNBase and DreamGirl (face & body skin) 


360 Walk & Run (animation) 
A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget (HUD time) 
A Quality World Map (map)
Alternate Actors (control NPCs) NEW!  
Analog of Skyrim Distant Detail (distance detail) 
Categorized Favorites Menu (HUD)
Colored Map Markers Updated (HUD/map) 
Customizable Camera (camera) 
Distant Decal Fix (decals) 
Footprints (footprints)
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS (animations) NEW!
Get Snowy (snow)
Horizon Extended Sky Mesh (Sky mesh) 
Immersive First Person View (first persona camera)
Inmersive HUD (HUD)
KenMOD - Time on loading screen (HUD)
MFG Console (re-enables MFG commands)
Safety Load (savegame load fix) 
Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB (particles/meshes fix) 
Snow FX for ENB (snow) 
Player Home Map Markers (map)
Sky UI (HUD)
Skyrim Performance Monitor (performance monitor) 
Status (information) 
Wet and Cold (immersion)


Aesir Armor (armor) 
aMidianBorn Book of Silence (armors/weapons)
Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament (armor) 
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches (bags & pouches) 
Blood Witch Armor (armor) 
Brokefoots UNP Mashup Compilation (clothes) 
Cloaks of Skyrim (cloaks) 
Contractor and Mavari Armors (armors) 
Dragon Knight Armor (armor) 
Einherjar Armor (armor) 
Elaborate Textiles - NPC Clothing Retexture (clothes) 
Evil MasterMind Armor (armor) 
Ghosus Weapon Pack (weapons) 
Improved NPC Clothing - High Res (clothes) 
Inmersive Armors (armors)
Inmersive Weapons (weapons)
Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection (weapons) 
JaySus Swords (weapons)
Omegared99 - Armor Compilation (weapons) 
Opulent Outfits - Maids and Merchants - v7 Female Only (clothes) 
Queen of the damned-Akasha Dress (clothes) 
Raven witch armor and Apex Werewolf (armor) 
Remodeled Armor (CBBE) (armors)
Remodeled Armor (UNP) (armors)
TERA Armor Collection - CBBE - standalone (armors) 
TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female (armors) 
The Art of Magicka (clothes) 
The Chronicles of Steel (weapons) 
Ultimate Assortment by Favoredsoul (accessories)
West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage UNP (clothes) 
Winter Is Coming - Cloaks (cloaks) 


2K Road Snow Footprints (snow)
4K Parallax Skyrim by Pfuscher aka Zerwas1 (landscape textures) NEW!
Alternative Smoke (smoke)
Alternative Snow (snow)
aMidianBorn Caves (dungeons) 
aMidianBorn Farmhouse (farmhouses retexture) 
aMidianBorn Landscape 1 (landscape textures)
aMidianBorn Whiterun (whiterun)
Beautiful Skyrim Galaxy and Nebula Pack 2k 4k and 8k (sky) 
Better Embers (embers) NEW!
Better Landscape Textures (landscape)
Book Covers Skyrim (books) NEW!
Bryce Nebula - Skyrim galaxy replacer (nebula) 
Crimson Tide (blood)
Detailed Rugs (rugs)
Dragon Nebula Galaxy Replacer (nebula) 
Enhanced Blood Textures (blood)
Enhanced Night Skyrim (nebula/stars) 
Ethereal Clouds (clouds) NEW!
EWIs AIO Dragonborn Pack (dragonborn textures) NEW!
Glowing Ore Veins 300 (ore veins)
Hectrol CAVES DELUXE HighRes Retex (dungeons)
Hectrol FX RAINDROPS Deluxe HR for Natural Skyrim Rain (rain)
HD Detailed Terrain (terrain) 
HD Enhanced Terrain (terrain) 
HD Soul Gems (soul gems)
Improved Rock and Mountain Texture (rock/mountain)
Immersive Fallen Trees Mod (fallen trees add-on) NEW!
Inside the Nebula (nebula) 
Lush Grass (grass)
Lush Trees (tress)
Mosh Rocks (rocks)
Natural Skyrim Rain (rain)
Osmodius Solitude Texture Pack (solitude textures) NEW!
Project Parallax Remastered (towns)
Pure Waters (water)
Quality Snow HD 4K (snow) 
Quality Snowflakes (snowflakes)
Rainbows (rainbows)
Real Clouds (clouds) 
Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE (ice)
Real Snow (snow)
Realistic Clouds (clouds) NEW!
Realistic Smoke & Embers (smoke & embers)
Realistic Water Two (water) 
Remove the little rocks (rocks) NEW!
Ruins Clutter Improved (dungeons)
Silly Level of Detail - Potions & Poisons (potions & poisons)
Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar (bottles)
Static Mesh Improvement Mod (meshes)
SkyFalls - Animated Distant Waterfalls (distant waterfalls) 
SkyFix - Unique Inn Signs HD (signs) 
Skyrim Flora Overhaul (flowers/grass/trees)
Skyrim HD 2K (town/landscape/dungeon/misc textures)
Skyrim Lore Friendly Vanilla Nightsky Retexture 4k (sky)
Skyrim Realistic Overhaul (town/landscape/dungeon/misc textures)
Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul Dragonborn  (town/landscape/dungeon/misc textures)
Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul Mountains (rocks) 
Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack (misc textures) 
Skyrocks (rocks)
Serious HD Retexture (dungeon/landscape textures)
Superior Rock Textures (rocks) 
Ultimate HD Fire Spells (fire)
Unique Grasses and Groundcovers - Nature and Landscape Enhancement (grass/plants) NEW!
Visible Windows (windows)
Vivid Landscapes - All in One (landscape/dungeons textures) NEW!
Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux (water)
Waves (waves)


Behemoth The Feathered Dragon (dragon) 
Bellyaches Animal & Creature Pack (animals)
Birds of Skyrim (animals)
Pets of Skyrim (animals)


CLARALUX - More and Brighter Lights (lights) 
Climates of Tamriel (weathers)
Enhanced Lighting for ENB (light) 
Enhanced Lights and FX (light) 
Extensive Sunsprite Shader for ENB (sunsprite) 
More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed (light)
Real Clouds (clouds) 
Realistic Lightning Overhaul (light)
Remove Interior Fog (fog)
Revamped Exterior Fog (fog)
Shadows (light / weather) NEW!

During 2012 i was using a customized preset based on Opethfeldt's ENB (v6), you can try it because it looks gorgeous but you won't get the same aspect as my screenshots because i tweak this ENB.
Opethfeldt's preset comes with FXAA Injector but for some screenshot im using a customized Sweet FX preset instead.

Opethfeldt ENB preset:
Now i'm using a different custom ENB (check my latest screenshots @ Flickr), it´s still based on Opethfeldt's work but it has several changes so it's like a new preset.
This preset it's WIP and isn't available, maybe someday i could release it, but only when it's finished.

Im doing it for myself so don't ask when will be finished.

Just default config on Ultra with some minor tweaks like:
  • Higher Ugrids (7/9)
  • Higher distance shadows rendering.
  • Grass & trees shadows enabled.

I usually use 1920x1080 with TAA + SMAA, but some screenshots are downsampled from 3840x2160 or 2880x1620.

As always, these settings could be changed between each screenshot.

Im using a 2500K @ 5Ghz + GTX670 @ 1300/7200, enough for the unmodded game but i can get unplayable framerates with high density grass/high quality DOF/SSAO

ENB Series - Download
ENB Series - Presets

ENB Series Forum - Skyrim Gallery
Nexus Skyrim


Here im uploading higher quality screenshots:

More Screenshots (click me)

3.3 Contact


*Don't ask me something I answered here.

110 Response to "Skyrim Mods"

Vídel ModPC Says:

Impresionante. ¿Podrías reunirlos y subirlos en un torrent a algún tracker como ThePirateBay?

Mars Wong Says:

Amazing! Wish I could just download your whole Skyrim, being that my comp crashes b/c I'm too lazy to install each mod one-by-one :[

Aaron Cornwall Says:

Hola, puedes darme una lista de los mods que usas. He estado tratando de hacer Skyrim parecer más bonito durante muchos meses.

Justin Zachow Says:

You say you're using both Opethfeltd and SweetFX. How did you set that up? I've done it and am having problems with SweetFX. Maybe I replaced files I wasn't supposed to?

Anónimo Says:


What is the song used for the first video ? Good work ;)

Anónimo Says:

soooo.... how do we get to make our Skyrim look like your screenshots?, since in your post, you stated that only those mods won't make our skyrims look like that

Anónimo Says:

Please add this to the FAQ, preferably with an answer attached. :)

Is this compatible with darker nights and darker dungeons? (Yes, it's needed because the nights look like afternoon without it).

johnneba Says:

you should put the mods in a torrent, you help a many skyrim players, and congratuletions!

Anónimo Says:

Maybe add this to the FAQ:

When might you release your grass mod?

Also, if we donate to you, is there any chance of getting access to the full list of your mods and your custom mods so we can make our skyrim look that good? :) I've added all the mods that you list here and O's ENB, but mine still doesn't look that good (as you said it wouldn't).

snisify Says:

what holding you from releasing the ENB? from your screenshots it seems perfect and good to go

Unreal Says:

-I didn't use the same ENB presets for all the screenshots.

-Im not showing all the weathers/locations/times of day.

So it's far to be finished.

mbkgsx Says:

So.. when everything is ready, will you release this as a package including every mod + ini needed to make it look exactly to the screenshots? If I have to donate I'm willing to do so :)

Unreal Says:

I won't upload a modpack because it weights around 17Gb.

willow Says:

Good morning,
I would like to know if your grass mod will be available to download.

Unreal Says:

Someday, please read 1.1.6

Marco Elias Says:

could leveling a torrent with your game, or the folder with all the mods?

Unreal Says:

I won't upload anything as i said before.

Kishkuma Says:

I thought I had a good Skyrim experience going. I was finally happy with it. Then I saw your screenshots. Now I want to cry. ;_;

v fidel Says:

can you please tell me which mod or save file or preset did you use to make the girl on 0:58 in video [Skyrim] Custom Character Collection Vol. 4 (1080p) on youtube? sorry if i send this comment to many times i dont know how blogs function nor know spanish

Unreal Says:

I can't remember which mods i used for each screenshot, including girls.

Mikkel Toxwenius Says:

fuck man, your Skyrim looks so awesome...

Mikkel Toxwenius Says:

Cant you just name three things that mostly influenced the beauty of your screenshots?

Unreal Says:

ENB Series mostly.

Christopher Riley Says:

How much frame rate hit should we expect with the finished grass mod when you are done with it. I know right now it hits hard from what im hearing but im not sure if you are going to have it optimized to hit less.

Unreal Says:

Very low performance, of course :D
And im not going to optimize it, there are better performance mods but they have less grass.

Christopher Riley Says:

So how far are you thinking you are from completion of the grass mod. I know its usually hard to judge but I saw your video from 4 days ago where you were showing it off and selling your hard drive and it looks amazing. Is there a lot more to do or can we expect a release date in the near future?

Unreal Says:

Too far and that video is old.

Nocturne A Says:

Are you going to release these mods and if you are when will you release it?
Btw your one of the best modders ive ever seen

MrNobodyWTB Says:

^"Noctume A" I believe that the person who runs this page didn't actually make any of the mods, but used a whole bunch to achieve this look.

It tells you on the page where to look for the ones he used.

Andrew Wei Says:

Which mods did you use to make the girls look so much better and realistic. I also saw Lara Croft in there, how did you get that?

Uskglass Says:

I just want all of your girl's mod !!

mael curt Says:

can you make a post with All your mods ?

Beist Unorth Says:

Hi. hope you will upload your amazing ENB preset, I know a lot of people who would like that in the Skyrim communauty! =)
I know you will upload your own grass mod thanks a lot!

Joco1114 Says:

It would be nice to categorize your mods in section 2.1.
BTW you have a great site, I check it every day! :)

Unreal Says:

@ Joco1114

Done !

Joco1114 Says:

¡Gracias! Thank you! Köszönöm!

陈恺勋 Says:

Which mod is it for back tattoo?

Unreal Says:


Henna Body Art (Nexus)

Niko Says:

Someone can upload somewhere
UNP Blessed Body

Author: Calyps, XP32, MrTroublemaker
Version: 1.0 (NMM Installer Update Only)

I need this for the Skyrim Revisited Guide!

Jamie White Says:

Hey, been a long time follower but first time commenter.

Firstly, what you have done to Skyrim in your screenshots is amazing. You've reinvigorated a rapidly aging game, in fact you've made it seem like an altogether different game. Safe to say I would play it!

Anyway, I just wanted to ask/say a few things.

Is there any way you can just upload a section of the finished grass mod? For example, finish and upload the Riverwood area and town grass. I wouldn't care if it just stopped abruptly and went straight into skyrim's awful textures XD just to see it in action for that small part would be great.

Also, why Blogger? It's so limited. You should make a tumblr for your screenshots. I cannot implore you to do this enough.
It'd get more exposure, be easier to read/follow, you could use adfly to gain revenue.

I personally would prefer more landscape youtube videos than girls and armour.

Also, is there no chance you can get a team working on the grass? I'm sure the nexus is full of willing modders.

Thanks again and please keep it up. The stuff you're doing is on a par with Dead End Thrills.

Unreal Says:

@Jamie White

-Sorry but i won't upload a beta of the grass mod, there are some similar mod @ Nexus, try them.

-I don't this blog for the screenshots, i have a minus & flickr account for them.
I also have a tumblr account but i don't use it, my main album is on Minus and i use Flickr for uploading the original (quality & resolution) screenshots.

-I started with armors and girls mods on the new Youtube Channel because is easier to do that kind of videos.
I really don't know what kind of mods should i showcase so i started with the easiest...
Which landscape mods do you want to see?

But if you mean more landscape videos as "Beautiful Landscapes", sorry, but i needed for gpu power for the grass mods so i won't make any similar videos.

Michael Maidl Says:

I tried everything for 3 hole days now... I can´t get your graphics... and my knowledge is just not good enough to change presets... could you please provide the SweetFX presets you used for the first picture and the picture with the tend? i tried other usersubmitted presets and non where as good as yours must be...

Unreal Says:

@Michael Maidl

I don't have that sweetfx preset.

Jamie White Says:

I understand it's quite a huge task trying to keep everyone happy.
I personally love what you've done with the landscape screenshots, the grass and the ENB's look great.
I'd love to see more shots and videos of that but if you can't it's not a problem.

Out of interest, what are your specs? (GPU, CPU, RAM etc).

I have a pretty good gaming rig but not the knowhow to make mods like this unfortunately.

And no offense to the girls/armour videos, they're always great. But I just like the imagery of a fantasy land more.

As to blogger, I meant the screenshot blogspot you've recently set up and this main one, the Google+ comment system might be useful at least. I already visit your flickr and minus :)

Just wanted to say how awesome this stuff has been and to throw in a few ideas.

Thanks for responding :)

Unreal Says:

@Jamie White

1.1.4 for the specs.

Sean Katebi Says:

Unreal, I would like to suggest awesome mods that would go beautiful with your graghics...

1. Horses gone wild - (Adds wild horses to Skyrim)

2. skyBirds Airborne Perching Birds - (Adds many types of birds flying in Skyrim)

Oh yea and Birds and Flocks mod. You may already know that mod though.

Sean Katebi Says:

Dear Unreal, how long did it took you to landscape edit your grass mod and where do I go in the CK to add them. When I try adding grass it just adds the grass floor and when I google it nothing useful comes up for me to learn how to do it. So I would like to request a tutorial from you of how to add grass with the CK. Thank you :)

Unreal Says:

@Sean Katebi

I have both mods but as i don't play this game, i don't have all the mods installed.

I don't speak english (i only know the basic) so i can't help you explaining how to add the grass, sorry...

Sean Katebi Says:

Oh, what is your language? Well can I ask you this? Did you landscape edit or you just set the number of density per each grass? By the way how do you feel making a big adjustment to Skyrim? Do you feel artistically proud like you accomplished a big goal here at the Elder Scrolls community? I would like to hear about the success you done so far to this game of yours. Great Job and Good Luck! :D

Sean Katebi Says:

That's okay you can tell me in another language if you like? I can translate with google translator.

Dr.GamerLover Says:

¿Dónde puedo ir en el kit de creación de añadir la hierba? Lo busqué en google y no puedo encontrar el resultado que estoy buscando.

¡Gracias! : D

Peter Hansen Says:

Hey just wanted to ask if you have experience with the Sharpshooter's Extreme Graphics ENB and if what are your thoughts?

Dionata Says:

Ei most of Character Mods "like skins etc" is offline,can you upload again? pls.Thanks you

Shunreal Says:

@Dr.GamerLove Just paint the floor with a texture with grass.

@Peter Hansen I tried the very first version and i didn't like it.

@Dionata As i said, i'm not going to reupload any mod, sorry.

Sean Katebi Says:

Dear Unreal, Will there ever be a chance that you can put a donation feature so we are be able to help you with your work. Maybe you can get that other GTX 670 after all...

Good Luck! ;)

Unreal Says:

@ Sean Katebi
There's a donation button, but i don't know why it doesn't show on Chrome :S With Firefox i can see it...
I'll add it to the Skyrim Mods post and i'll check if it shows on Chrome.

Thanks and regards.

Unreal Says:

@Bryan Qecko
A torrent of what? as i said, im not going to upload anything, everyone should make its own modpack.

Vincent Valentain Says:

I welcome! It would be desirable to learn, whether it is possible to see whole modspack spendthrifts who stand at you on a torrent?
Or Donate to have an opportunity to download everything at once is necessary?
I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully your fan!

ASOT Unreal Says:

@Vincent Valentain Just read.

Vincent Valentain Says:

@ASOT Unreal I everything read many thanks. And I have opportunity to download your Modpack? Or I can buy it from you?

Shunreal Says:

@Vincent Valentain Read again 1.1.19

Jazper Santos Says:

Hey man, great screens. May I know what mod influenced the sunlight? It looks so realistic. Is that Opethfeldt ENB? Do you use CoT and EFLX with it?

May I please know what mix did you use for your screens?

Michal Urbanowski Says:

Getting this into a 1 pack is probably impossible due to different PC configurations.
However, someone with the right knowhow should make a Overhaul of skyrim based on the mods used here.

I remmber it was done in Morrowind very well and even on Oblivion it was rather Decent.

Problem is what PCs to aim for (how high end).
Id assume best bet is to add a certain form of settings while installing.
I actually didnt buy skyrim yet since Im waiting for that kind of overhaul to be ready first.

Sean Katebi Says:

Dear Unreal, is there any good grass mods out there to download besides the nexus that are very close to your custom grass mod? If so, what is the name?

IDarkKoinX Says:

Can you reupload link to your computer ?

Unreal Says:

@Jazper Santos
Different screenshots = different settings
I don't use EFLX.

@Michal Urbanowsky
That's one of the reasons i won't upload a pack.
And everyone has different taste for the mods.

@Sean Kateb
I don't know, i didn't try other mods.


Sean Katebi Says:

Do you have any upcoming mods that might be release in the future, and something you made? I know your not releasing the grass mod yet because it's a WIP just like you said and you don't when your gonna release it what about your other mods you made? Like the custom textures?


Bryan Qecko Says:

@Unreal it's mean we need you modpack in torrent.
the other way downloads very painful you know :)

Unreal Says:

@Sean Katebi not yet.

@Bryan Qecko Just read, i said im not going to upload a modpack.

myxolov Says:
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
Unreal Says:

@myxolov contact email :

Haru Crimson Says:

please, make a torrent ( in thepiratebay or other ) with your skyrim folder, your skyrim is awesome but it's impossible for use to arrive at the same result.

Dr.GamerLover Says:

Dear Unreal, are you a texture designer?

Unreal Says:

@Dr.GamerLover No.

Dr.GamerLover Says:

Do you use Nexus Mod manager?

Unreal Says:

@Dr.GamerLover Of course, but not always, sometimes i install the mods manually.

Hamza Bennani Smires Says:

All the mods you use for screenshoots are in the list ? Sorry for my bad english

Unreal Says:

@Hamza Bennani Smires Why don't u read ?

But keep in mind this:

-I'm not only using these mods.
-This isn't a complete list.
-Don't install all the mods, just try them and make your own mix.
-I won't reupload the mods if they're deleted from Nexus.
-Don't install lots of mods at the same time, install only a few (or only one) and test them.
-I'm updating this mod list.
-Read their description and watch the screenshots.


Forista Meri Says:

I know you didn't do a mod pack because of its weight, but maybe we could use all your work just saying the name of all your installed mods (not recomended mods, they can be incompatible each other, and in Skyrim there is not OMOD), so we can use all you tested and we can see our game so well as yours. Thanks in advantage.

Unreal Says:

@Forista Meri

Por mucho que instalases los mods que uso no verias el juego como en mis capturas y la lista de mods es lo que hay arriba, la voy actualizando poco a poco.

Forista Meri Says:

Coñe, nos podemos hablar así XD los mods que recomiendas en teoría son para que se vea como lo tienes tú. Es decir, sería saber la config, sobretodo del ENB para que se vea "tan" natural. El resto; modelados, texturas, hierba, meteorología, etc. efectivamente es cogerlo de la lista. Pero lo más complicado es el ENB, también por el "desenfoque" ese de fondo tipo fotografía. Concretamente en la última imágen del Khajiita, ¿Qué config es la que hay allí? Se ve increíble. Gracias de nuevo por la ayuda y si deseas promoción en Youtube o algo es hablarlo por privado :3

Unreal Says:

@Forista Meri Como digo ahí arriba, tengo muchisimos mods y para cada captura o set de capturas hay una mezcla de mods diferentes, esa lista contiene algunos de los mods mas importantes que he usado para las capturas.
Para el ENB más de lo mismo, todo está puesto en la entrada, es mi propio ENB y como no está terminarlo (está muy lejos de estarlo) lo de las capturas no es más que el resultado de pruebas que voy haciendo.
En muchas capturas, como la del Khajiit, hay una configuración del ENB adaptada solo para esa escena, asi es mucho más fácil conseguir buenos resultados porque esa config. solo sirve para ahí, en otra situación (localización/clima) ya no se veria tan bien.

Forista Meri Says:

Entiendo; para captura queda de puta madre estilo foto pero "ingame" seguramente esa borrosidad sería más coñazo que otra cosa. Mola, iré haciendo pruebas. Te animo a seguir a ver si llegas a una versión definitiva porque te queda increíble!! :D

whitescar911 Says:

Any idea when you might publish you work?

BetAstraal Says:

Lots of inspiration! And a hard push from behind to start working more on my own Skyrim and make a use of this GTX 780 Ti, at least for the visual part.
Also, you mentioned in the mod lists that you use ELFX, yet in the comments you mentioned once you don't. Is it a random case or a definite yes / no? If no, how is the light still being cast so strong (i presume it's an ENB setting)?

Unreal Says:

@BetAstraal I don't use the same mods for all screenshots so the answer is, i used ELFX for some screenshots, RLO for some others and vanilla lighting for the rest. Apply that for every kind of mod.

The light cast is made by the ENB settings.

RunforMyLife SilverStone Says:

excuse me, what's the armor mod that your khajiit's wearer?
I mean Dragonplate...

John Tyler Blanchard Says:

If I payed payed for the account, would you be willing to upload your Skyrim game as configured in the Kajit photos for me to download?
If so, contact me at

Henry Wolfe Says:

Could you upload just the landscape/environment mods you have installed? I would even donate.

Unreal Says:

Why dont you read ? Check 2.1 for the mods. I dont always use the same mods !!!

Henry Wolfe Says:

check out InsanitySorrow's swords. They are extremely well done.


Hi at first i love your screenshots
I'd like to install some but nexus sit required to pay and i don't have a card do you have any others site that could allow me to download mods ?

Unreal Says:

@TOM JUI You are wrong, you don't need to pay anything to download mods from Nexus. The only payment is to be Premium...

Timothy Gregory-Hunt Says:

Pretty amazing stuff Unreal. I can get my landscapes looking similar (not exact, I have an old motherboard which kills my 680GTX by %20), but your character modding is just plain amazing. I can't get anything like that.

Fanat94 Says:

where you can find a link to the assembly of this game?

Don White Says:

How hard it is to make an ENB, Unreal?

Bourgeon Bryan Says:

Hello this is just beautiful but why you do not offer a pre-configured package?

Unreal Says:

That's not my job.

kakasi104 Says:
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
DrCrow Says:

holly molly 3.2 SCREENSHOTS

whitescar911 Says:

any idea when u might release a config?

Haru Crimson Says:

How many Gb do your Skyrim folder ?

crystallize Says:

Seriously dude, just release a preset as it is now. You're teasing people with your screenshots for more than a year already, if not 2+ years. Nobody's gonna blame you for non-perfect config, it's obviously gonna be the opposite reaction.

whitescar911 Says:

show us show us show us

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